Perth, Australia : A Place Loved by Foodies

Perth is awesome! Of course, Sydney may be known as the city that has all the Glamour with some of the best Happy Hours in Australia and Melbourne may have all the cool Hipster attractions and lively art scene, but when it comes to a location that offers everything you could want from a holiday in Australia, you should look no further than Perth. Few cities in Australia offer the same combination of effortless cool Bars, a trendy art scene and areas of phenomenal natural beauty. Like most Australians, however, Perth residents take their food very seriously, and the city’s culinary reputation is unmatched and one they really should indulge in.

Whatever your preferences, you can find something delicious in Perth, so hop in a car from our friends at Burswood car Rentals, discover all the major sights and take a culinary cruise through this wonderful city. As in most cities, you can eat like a king (or of course a queen) on a modest budget if you like, or you can really push the boat and spend a fortune on gourmet cuisine, but we assume you keep an eye on costs and present yourself with affordable but delicious options.

Quick Bites

With so much to see and do in Perth, you’ll probably want to grab a bite on the fly. The Five Bar offers an excellent selection of light snacks and large meals, as well as a wide variety of craft beers. If burgers are your thing, you could do much worse than look at Alfred’s Kitchen, Perth’s oldest roadside Restaurant, where they’ve been flipping patties since 1946. If you’re craving something healthier, we recommend The Acai Corner for vitamin-rich but delicious bowls. On the other hand, if you have a sweet tooth, take a little Perth for a sugar rush you’ll never forget. Cottoni on Fremantle Markets presents soft ice cream in cotton candy and topped with great classics like Oreos, Smarties and musk sticks.

Bowls around the world

Like most major metropolitan areas in Australia, Perth offers many options for you to happily eat your way around the world (in fact, you can find a variety of different cuisines within the 19th century if you live for a good Curry, you could do worse than Annalakshmi; a Pay-as-you-Feel Buffet-style Indian restaurant preferred by backpackers and locals that offers a wide range of dishes that are tasty but not too spicy as they tear you apart. If Chinese food is more your pocket, check out Canton Bay for an upscale dining experience you’ll never forget.

For Vegetables and Vegans

Australia is the third largest growing market for vegan cuisine in the world, so if you live an all-plant lifestyle, Perth has you covered. There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian restaurants In and around Perth, but if you’re looking for the best, you won’t find anything nicer than the Heavenly

Raw Cafe in Fremantle, where you’ll find a variety of pizzas, burgers, soups and pasta, as well as the usual selection of salads and Wraps. But where this Cafe really shines is in its amazing Vegan Desserts, where you’ll find homemade, dairy-free equivalents of all your favorite Non-vegan chocolate bars like Twixes, mars Bars and Snickers, as well as a vegan cheesecake to die for! YUM!

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