Philippines: Must Do Things in Cebu

If you’re not familiar with the Philippines, it’s a Southeast Asian country made up of more than 7,000 Islands. Cebu, a province in the central Visayas region of the country, consists of the Island of Cebu with 150 other small neighboring islands. Cebu is a place in the Philippines where you can see and do a lot of things. You will find a number of unique and amazing experiences in Cebu, considered a gem in Southeast Asia. Indeed, the main attractions of the country are in this province. With a cultural richness and the fact that it is rich in natural resources, it was awarded the title of 1st city of culture of ASEAN.

Canyoning Cebu

At the top of the list is the famous and exciting Cebu Canyoneering. Canyoning Cebu is done at Kawasan Falls in Badian, in the southern part of Cebu. Badian is a three or four hour drive from the capital Cebu.

So what exactly is Cebu Canyoning? And how does it differ from typical canyoning? First of all, Canyoneering, derived from the word “Canyon”, means crossing the walls of caves and/or rock formations. It includes a combination of climbing, rappelling and hiking. What makes canyoning unique in Cebu is that unlike canyoning on other large rocks, it requires a lot of water, including many natural pools. This way you can swim and jump falls, including the unique moment when you can jump off a 40-foot cliff! The Canyoneering experience allows you to cool off and immerse yourself in the breathtaking tropical nature that the area has to offer.

Most dub this adventure “exciting”, “exciting” and a must to do when visiting Cebu. If you have friends and loved ones with you, Cebu Canyoneering is a great bonding activity when gliding and gliding over watery rocks.

Monument protection stumbles

The next step on the List is to visit the historical remains and sites of Cebu, which play an important role in the critical cultural history of the Philippines. Cebu is the seat of Christianity in the country and it was there that the first Catholic influencers and Spanish colonizers came.

Since Cebu is a hub of economy and trade in the country thanks to its strategic geographical position, many Chinese and Malaysian stock exchanges are organized there. Ancient houses and Spanish and Chinese heritage sites, as well as other cultures that show the history of the area, can be found in Cebu.

You can visit different museums and ancestral homes on Colon Street, Cebu. Colon Street is the oldest street in the Philippines. Tours of these fascinating buildings are included in the”city tour”. Sugbo Museum, San Pedro Fort, Magellan Cross, Yap-Sandiego ancestral House, Cebu Heritage Monument and Sto are some of the sights to visit when visiting the city. Niño Church.

An additional tip to enrich your cultural experience in Cebu is to participate in the Sinulog Festival or at least participate in the Sinulog Festival. Sinulog is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of January. It is an important religious holiday under Cebuanos and includes amazing dance routines with colorful costumes and impressive choreography.

Mountain excursions in the mountains

After all, in Cebu it is not too difficult to reach the top of the mountains. As part of the city tour, you can reach an elevated area of Cebu in a few minutes.

It is in Busay, Cebu, where you can get a perfect view of Cebu from above. In addition, there are also a number of Tourist attractions. These include the flower garden of Sirao, the Taoist temple and the temple of Leah. Visiting these places, you will notice the small touches of nature and foreign-inspired architecture. For example, the flower garden Sirao Has The Netherlands feel in spring. Apparently, the Taoist temple is inspired by China. And, the temple of Leah was built by Roman design.

From here you can also enjoy sumptuous Filipino dishes at local Restaurants such as Top of Cebu and Balay sa Busay (house in Busay).

Last Thoughts…

As mentioned earlier, Cebu is unique and is a place where you can do things you can’t do anywhere else. Cebu Canyoneering, Heritage Tripping and Mountain Top Touring are among the wonderful activities that we are sure you will love in Cebu. So pack your bags and get ready for the adventures of a lifetime in the Queen city of the South!

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